Purse Party

What a great excuse to get together with family and friends and earn FREE products from Purseonality. You can host a wine and cheese party, brunch, or lunch at the Purseonality showroom.

We take care of everything including the invites, the food, and anything else you might need to allow you and your guests to enjoy an open house format with a great assortment of handbags and accessories at no cost to you. A percentage of the sales goes to you to use on the latest trends in handbags. Or you can host a party at your home or office, or even do a fundraiser. We will gladly bring our products to you.

Don't live near Purseonality and still want to host a purse party? Now you can! Here's how it works: You choose the date, and your friends have one week to shop and get free shipping. We will create an e-vite and send it to you to forward to all of your friends, family, co-workers, etc...You, the hostess, receive 10% of party sales in online credit and free shipping on your purchase. You simply supply us with a list of everyone you "invite" to your party so we can keep track of your party sales.

We have the PERFECT PURSES for your PURSE PARTY.

E-mail us with any questions or to reserve a date.
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