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What a great way to receive free merchandise!

Earn 1 (one) point for every net dollar spent at GotPurseonality. (Sales tax and shipping do not count toward points.) You must have an account with GotPurseonality to earn rewards points.

Just by setting an account up at GotPurseonality we start you off with 100 points. (New account points may not show up for 72 hours.) Earn points faster when you shop during GotPurseonality bonus point events.

After your account is set up you may log in and see how many points you have earned and what points are necessary for redeeming each product.

Get started now by setting up your free account!

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Akaiv - Mini Bag Akaiv - Mini Bag
Hammitt - Paul Crossbody Hammitt - Paul Crossbody
Hammitt - Nash Small Crossbody Hammitt - Nash Small Crossbody
Hammitt - 101 North Wallet Hammitt - 101 North Wallet
Hayden by Hayden Harnett - Rylee Tote Hayden by Hayden Harnett - Rylee Tote