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Stress less for Summer Travel by Packing Right

Posted by Anita Davis on 6/19/2014 to Product Highlights

Vacations are supposed to be fun not stressful. Part of planning for a perfect vacation is making sure to pack right and pack well. One of the best tips I can give for proactive packing is getting the right luggage from a durable suitcase right down to cosmetics bag that allows you to be well-organized.

Be sure to stock up on all your summer travel accessories and here are our suggestions to help.  Lay-n-go is a store favorite! It is the best way to store your make-up and it's not just for travel--clients are using it every day.  It packs well and it's convenient for seeing everything without having to dig down in a big bag.  No more dumping on a towel or having your cosmetics roll off the counter.  Its even better great because it is machine washable! There is even a style for guys.

Want to keep your jewelry organized? Try the PurseN Tiara Weekend Travel Jewlery Case!

It keeps you organized in style...10 individual pockets with 6 removable pouches..compartments for every kind of jewelry.  It also makes the perfect gift and comes in some great finishes.

PurseN also makes handbag inserts that are great for travel.  It has a very large compartment in the center that keeps you organized it also has 6 inside pockets for all your extra items..it can be inserted into each bag that you are using..also great for all your essentials while you travel. They come in small, medium and large! Feel free to contact me if you are interested in the handbag inserts.

If you are looking for a chic all in one try PurseN's VIP Travel Tote!

In today's crazy busy life vacations should be enjoyed as much as possible, don't let the stress of packing get in the way of your summer fun!

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